My experiences with the new Lotus Domino connector

Yesterday and today, I have been working with the new Lotus Domino connector. I found it interesting to share about my experiences because this connector is very new.

First of all, there are a number of prerequisites, namely:

  • The. NET framework 4.0 must be installed.
  • FIM 2010 Update 2 must be installed. This is most likely because the new connector (as we should now call it) uses the (also new) ECMA2-framework, which gives developers more options when it comes to developing a custom connector.
  • The Lotus Notes Client must be installed.

After installing these prerequisites, I downloaded the actual connector ( and installed it. After that, it’s important that your start the client and log in with the serviceaccount that FIM should be using:

As soon as you have made the connection from the Notes client, it’s time to create the management agent. The first screen is one that we have seen often. Here is where you specify the name of the connector:

Next step in the wizard is to enter the connectivity data. Besides the server name, FIM askes for a ‘*.id’ file and a password. Since you have logged on to the Lotus Notes client using the service account, you can use the file at the following location::
D:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Lotus\Notes\Data\

Initially I got the following message:

<error>The management agent run could not start as there where connection errors.</error>

Apparently I forgot to select ‘X86’ under architecture. This is necessary because the connector does not support 64-bit. This led me to an interesting bug, namely: If you leave the setting to ‘Process’ (which is the default option), you get the message in the above screenshot. If you then click the ‘Back’ button to change this setting, you keep getting this message. Now, if you restart the wizard, and select X86 right the first time, all goes well.

Certainly important to be aware of ;)!

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