FIM R2 and BHOLD Suite Service Pack 1

Just a quick update on my entry about the bug in BHOLD Suite concerning permission deprovisioning. I mentioned that Service Pack 1 would contain a fix for this issue. Yesterday, Andreas Kjellman announced that Service Pack 1 is released. This is however a so-called ‘soft release’, which means that the update is only available on MSDN and that there isn’t much documentation available yet. It also means that you are not allowed to apply the update to your production environment just yet.

I’ll try to install this new version on my sandbox environment and let you know if the issue is resolved. Of course, I’m also curious about any other changes. Dave Nesbit already mentioned on his blog that the BFPC and BFSS services are replaced by the new ‘Access Management Connector’, so I’ll see if I can bring any news on that as well.

I’ll keep you posted on any progress!

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One Response to FIM R2 and BHOLD Suite Service Pack 1

  1. Ronald says:

    I have been waiting for this SP1 to fix the De-provisioning issue. Well I will trash the old sand-box and give this SP1 a try with this new connector, Dave has mentioned on his website.

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