Upgrading to FIM 2010 R2 Service Pack 1

Today, I updated my FIM 2010 R2 sandbox environment to service pack 1. Updating FIM Sync and the FIM Portal was very easy. This can be done by either using Windows Update (which sees this as an important update) and two simple wizards. The most important thing is that you backup your database before performing the installation. Here’s some screenshots:





The upgrade of the BHOLD suite is a different story. The reason behind this is that there are some significant improvements to BHOLD since the last version. To perform the upgrade, I followed the instructions on this site.

Before installing the new service pack, all previously installed modules need to be uninstalled. This uninstall process does not remove your existing database. After doing this, you can execute a SQL script (as shown on the page I linked) that updates your current database to the new version. Note that the execution of the script might throw an error the first time you run it. Once you run it a second time, the error should be gone.

The next step is to delete the Management Policy Rules (MPR) that were previously created during the installation of the FIM Integration module. To do this, open the FIM Portal and delete every MPR that contains the word ‘BHOLD’ and ‘__ADMINISTRATORS CAN WORK WITH Workflow parts’.

When trying to re-install the BHOLD Core, I got an error. The type of error already shows the first improvement: it contains a lot of useful data!!


According to the linked page, it’s ok to click ‘Ignore’ here. After that, the installation was successful!



In my next blog post, I will explain how I installed the new Access Management Connector.


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